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Warm Machine - Bush

O Zespole: Bush - angielska grupa grająca alternatywnego rocka. Swój pierwszy album o tytule "Sixteen Stone" wydali w 1994 roku, okazał się on ogromnym sukcesem zespołu. Bush zdobył status super gwiazdy w USA.

1994 - Sixteen Stone
1996 - Razorblade Suitcase
1997 - Deconstructed
1999 - The Science of Things
2001 - Golden State
2005 - The Best Of: 1994 – 1999
2005 - Zen X Four

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Warm Machine - Bush tekst

I memorize the basics
Making strange faces
tread slowly for I know
There's a thousand miles to go
Without blinking
gravitate spacewards find a home
for the dead from my basement
No darkness ever left
This is the night, this is the sound,
here comes the warm machine
Such a warm machine
Some days are playful
making play faces
But we will not let it through
the darkness and the sense
Of being born to lose
This is the life, his is the ground
Here comes the warm machine
such a war machine
If we never know we can only feel
i'll take the help i'll take a slice
warm...alright now cos i feel alright
i memorize the basics

Autor Tekstu: Bush

Kompozytor: Bush

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