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Refuge - Matisyahu

O Zespole: Matisyahu, właściwie Matthew Paul Miller ortodoksyjny żyd wykonujący muzykę reggae, urodzony w 1979 roku w Pensylwanii. Jest wokalistą, raperem, a także beat-boxerem. Jako ortodoksyjny żyd osi jarmułkę i pejsy. Jego twórczośc łączy w sobie dwa style reggae i hip hop.

  * 2004 - Shake Off the Dust… Arise
  * 2005 - Live at Stubb’s
  * 2006 - Youth
  * 2006 - Youth Dub
  * 2009 - Light
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Refuge - Matisyahu tekst

Ani auni vevyone. hashem yashav li. ezrati, umafalti, atau.
As for me, i am poor and destitute.
Hashem my gd will think about me. my help, my rescuer, you are.

My word is like a hammer like a shattering rock,
Crack through your heart and take the evil apart

From the end of the earth unto you i call,
Time and again i fall, back to you i crawl
You have been a refuge for me,
A tower of strength in the face of the enemy
Enemy, enemy lines i find i let myself get tied up too many times
You can't have my heart i'm taking back what's mine
I know it lie just smoke in your eye
And you saved my soul from the other side

When faint grows my heart to a rock
That too hard for me to climb alone lead me
For you have been a refuge

With you i smash a troop and with my gd i leap over a wall
May the king answer you on the day that you call
Stand tall, battle yawl, the clouds crawl low, all stalled,
Heavens lay draped over new york like a prayer shawl,
The holy one enthroned upon the praises of israel

Pathways of my heart clogged like a traffic jam
From the start, i want to take the blockage apart

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